Cookies Music Salon

a_ilst004.gifWelcome to Cookies Music Salon!!

You are cordially invited to our own music salon,"cookies music salon.

It is irregular event. However, we would like to provide a place for people in all ages to relax,enjoy, and share happiness with us. When we think back, we regret for not cmoning up with this fun idea.

The place is nothing like a huge concert hall with luxurious furniture and chandeliers. There is only folding chairs, long tables with hand made table cloths, small sofa that was given by our friend, Grandpiano, and us. Oh, How can we forget people who passes by our big window!

Music is not only for certain people with laxuary nor high class formal pleasure. It will smile at you no matter what happends. Please come out and enjoy while drinking tea, reading book, knitting and writing etc.....whatever you would like to do.

How would you like to spend your time here at our salon?

We hope that you will have luxurious time with live music performace.

Admission ¥1,000

it all comes with a drink. (tea, coffee etc)

for child under elementary school-- Free

Junior&Senior High school students--¥500
***we would like to donate some of our profit to [Children's cancer association of Japan]**














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